Association between Family History of Atopic Disorders and Prevalence of Asthma in Schoolchildren in Gorgan


Hadi Bazzazi, M.Sc. ¹, M. Gharagozlou,M.D.,Ph.D.², M. Kassaiee M.D.¹, A. Parsikia M.D.², H. Zahmatkesh M.Sc.¹, A. Mohammadi-Bondarkheyli M.Sc. ¹



1. Islamic Azad University- Gorgan branch, P.O.Box 717, Gorgan 49147-39975, Iran

2. Immunology, Asthma and Allergy Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical  Sciences, Tehran, Iran



BACKGROUND and OBJECTIVE: Childhood asthma is a multi-causal disease that is one of the common chronic illnesses and is a major cause of morbidity among children. Genetic factors, mainly ethnic composition and family history of allergy disorders play an important role in etiology of asthma in kids. Because a few studies have been conducted this subject in Gorgan, this study is crucial in determining the prevalence asthma in children in the city of Gorgan and their association with atopy in parents.



Within the first-degree relatives, family history of allergic diseases including, asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema were reported by %8.4, %22.1 and %12 of cases, respectively. As the table 1 indicates, there was a strong association between family history of atopy (asthma or rhinitis or eczema) and various allergic diseases in children. For instance, our results revealed that frequency of family history of allergic disorders in asthmatic children were %21, %30.2 and %27.2 in that order for eczema (p=0.00008), rhinitis (p=0.00000) and asthma (p=0.00000). Besides, in cases with eczema, frequency of family history of eczema, rhinitis and asthma were %31.5, %37.4 and %11.6, respectively. Our results show that family history of asthma among asthmatics (27.2%) was significantly higher than that of non-asthmatic students (6.9%). In keeping with the results in the majority studies, boys have significantly higher prevalence than girls for asthma. Likewise, the ‘12-month prevalence of any wheeze’, or current asthma symptoms, in boys was higher than their female counterparts. A number of previous studies have reported a male predominance of asthma and atopic conditions before puberty and a female dominance after puberty. The exact mechanisms underlying this male predominance are unclear.



Our results indicated that there is strong relation between allergic rhinitis and eczema with childhood asthma. The results of current study are in agreement with the results of many studies that have confirmed pediatric asthma is powerfully related with other allergic disorders. Pearce et al. estimated that, in children the proportion of asthma cases attributable to atopy wide-ranging from 25% to 63%. Burrows et al. reported that asthma was related to total serum IgE levels in children aged 11 years. However, although many pediatric asthma patients will have some evidence of atopic disorders, not all people with atopy will expand asthma.





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